Realism – does it exist? A talk about dreams of the 2000s on true realism and the multi-directed realisms of contemporary art. The Swedish Art Critics Association visits the Tuesday Club.

Tuesday, 4 October, 19:00 hrs. Free admission. This invitation is for you and one guest.

An interactive evening of talks will be opened by Jessica Kempe, art critic at daily Dagens Nyheter, who will be joined by Mats Arvidsson, longtime art critic at Sveriges Radios Kulturredation (Swedish Radio Culture Desk), and artist Sissel Wibom. A starting point will be the new issue of art magazine Konstperspektiv: Radikalrealister? (Radical Realists?). A slide show will be featured.

A bar serving light food will be open all evening, from 18:00 to 23:00. Address: Konstnärsklubben, 2nd floor, Smålandsgatan 7, Stockholm. Ring door bell marked “Konstnärsklubben”.

The Critics’ Salon is arranged by the Swedish Art Critics Association in collaboration with the Tuesday Club – the meeting place for artists in Konstnärshuset (the Artists’ House) on the first Tuesday of every month.

The Critics’ Salon will be held in Swedish.