To portray vulnerability

Wednesday, 28 September, 16:30–18:30 hrs.

Studio 3, 3rd floor, Kulturhuset (Culture House) Stockholm, Sergels torg. Free admission.

Tina Enghoff’s photographs tell of consequences of the Danish immigration policy. The exhibition at the Stockholm Culture House, entitled “I am nothing,” is an artistic project as well as a contribution to the debate on human rights. In connection to the exhibition a discussion series will be arranged in collaboration with the Anna Lindh Memorial Fund, to address the questions the works deal with. The exhibition is open 30 June through 9 October, 2011.
On 29 September, there will be a discussion on how to portray vulnerability and how art and policy can work together to affect public opinion.

How to balance between the desire to tell a story and the integrity of the people portrayed? Does vulnerability put the artist in a position of greater responsibility? On what conditions can art be political?

Also participating, apart from Tina Enghoff, is artist Anna Odell, whose degree project “Unknown woman” created a huge debate on psychiatric care and art; journalist and filmmaker Svante Tidholm, who portrayed a brothel in Berlin in the documentary “Like a pasha”; and artists Dror Feiler and Gunilla Sköld Feiler who created their own platform in the gallery Tegen2, currently with the exhibition “In the face of risk.”

Moderator for the talk will be Sophie Allgårdh, art critic in Svenska Dagbladet, author and, 2006 through 2010, editor of art magazine Paletten.
The Stockholm Culture House in collaboration with the Swedish Art Critics Association.

The debate will be held in Swedish.