Did art criticism take a dramatic pause?

Saturday, 16 October, 15:00 – 17:00 hrs.
The Auditorium of the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm

Cultural criticism in daily newspapers has been hotly debated as of late, but the debate has mostly been about literary criticism. Now we turn to art.

Did the newspapers abandon what used to be referred to as a critical mission, in favor of reports and interviews? Does it even make sense anymore to speak of serious cultural criticism, or has the celebrity-and-event-orientation of entertainment journalism invaded cultural coverage in general and art criticism in particular?

Several dailies in the country have new cultural chief editors. How do they view these questions? Is visual art, in all its forms and narratives, of interest to them when they decide what to cover? What role do they want art criticism to play in their cultural pages? How do they determine what to cover?

The Swedish Art Critics Association organizes a talk on art coverage and art criticism in the dailies’ cultural pages with the cultural chief editors of four newspapers.

Lisa Irenius, Upsala Nya Tidning
Karin Olsson, Expressen
Kaj Schueler, Svenska Dagbladet
Björn Wiman, Dagens Nyheter

Moderators: Cristina Karlstam, art critic and board member, and Christian Chambert, chairman of the Swedish Art Critics Association

Free admission. The event is held in Swedish.

F12 and Café Mejan at Fredsgatan 12 will be open for a get-together.