Forum Moderna: Pressures on art criticism

Forum Moderna

The Swedish Art Critics Association and the Moderna Museet welcome you to take part in
a one-day seminar on art critique:

Pressures on art criticism: Perspectives on relations with the market, friendships and
ideological positions. What is an independent art critic today?

Today, few critics are employed full-time in media in general. It is quite common that critics
also work part-time as for example teachers, curators or researchers. Does this undermine the
credibility of the critic, or does it on the contrary open up for new approaches?

A change is also evident in mass media, where complex argumentation is replaced with
popular and simplified conclusions. To what extent is the content of today’s criticism
influenced by editorial politics? Is it at all possible to conduct sophisticated art criticism in
mass media, or does it have to be dependent on specialized media?

The seminar will take place on September 11 2004 in the Moderna Museet auditorium.


10.00   Lars Nittve,
Director of the Moderna Museet, and Christian Chambert, President of Swedish
Art Critics Association, open the seminar
10.30   Sabine Vogel, Editor
for Literature, Berliner Zeitung, “At Your Service”
11.30   Janneke Wesseling,
Art Critic, NRC Handelsblad, Amsterdam, “Art Criticism in the Netherlands
at the beginning of the 21st century. A personal observation.”
12.30   Lunch is served in
the Workshop
13.45   Carlos Capelán,
artist and Ann-Sofi Noring, Moderna Museet, ”What does the artist
have to say about art criticism?” – in connection with Carlos
Capelán’s exhibition ”Ceci n’est pas un video”
14.15   Panel discussion
Moderator: John Peter Nilsson, Vice President of the Swedish Art Critics
Panel: Mårten Arndtzén, Critic, Expressen, Lars O. Ericsson,
Critic, Dagens Nyheter, Ronald Jones, Freelance Critic and Professor at
Konstfack, Sabine Vogel and Janneke Wesseling
14.45   Coffee
15.15   The panel discussion
16.30   The seminar closes

N.B. The seminar will be held in English

To book, call 08-5195 5264 or use the museum’s website, no later
than 10.9!

Cost: 75 SEK, including lunch and coffee