When the Truth Comes Out

Art critics and art writers debate
Sophie Allgårdh, Power Ekroth, Nils Forsberg, Natalia Kazmierska, Paul Steen

Is there a new tone to Swedish art criticism? The interest in art criticism is on the rise, while, at the same time, views about its role diverge greatly. During the past half year it has been at the center of a lively debate in the Swedish newspapers Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, and Svenska Dagbladet. At the heart of matter lies the integrity of the art critic, especially in relation to the global art market, powerful institutions in good standing with the media, and a forever changing artist’s role. Fueling the discussion is Leif Zern’s recent critique of Staffan Valdemar Holm’s production at the Royal Dramatic Theater. How and in what manner do different media reach their public? What resources exist for an independent monitoring of art? Is the Swedish media on its way to following the British tabloid model, with stark simplifications and brazenness? Are the barriers breaking down between criticism, reporting, and entertainment writing? Once again questions are raised about art for art’s sake and the arts’ relationship to often distressingly urgent political, social, ecological, and ethical problems. And where is there space for innovative, interdisciplinary theoretical discussion – especially about young artists, designers, and architects – in art journals and/ or in tabloids?

Time: Monday 17 May 2004, 7pm – 10 pm

Place: SOC. Stockholm, Bondegatan 64, Stockholm.

Sophie Allgårdh
Art critic for Svenska Dagbladet

Power Ekroth
Editor and critic for SITE

Nils Forsberg
Art critic for Expressen

Natalia Kazmierska
Art critic for Expressen

Paul Steen
Editor for Mars

Drinks and light refreshments available at cost. Coffee.

The evening is a cooperative event between the Swedish Art Critics Association www.aicasweden.org and SOC.Stockholm www.soc.nu. The debate will be held in Swedish.

Free entry