Is Ethics Necessary in Art?

Svenska Konstkritikersamfundet
Swedish section of AICA

The Vardø-Seminar Foundation
The Swedish section of the International Association of Art Critics and
The Polish Institute

invite to the seminar

Is Ethics Necessary in Art?

Wednesday 24th of April, 4 PM

Polska Institutet, Villagatan 2, Stockholm

Welcome addresses:
Piotr Cegielski, director of The Polish Institute
Christian Chambert, president of Swedish AICA
Andrzej Ekwinski, The Vardø-Seminar Foundation

Bogna Burska: The Artist – Always on Attack
John Peter Nilsson: What is New in New?
Anda Rottenberg: Hell is Elsewhere
Sven-Olov Wallenstein: Contemporary Art Criticism
Cezary Wodzinski: Art – Beyond Good and Evil

Moderators: Anda Rottenberg and John Peter Nilsson
Presentation of artists and speakers: Magda Owczynska
No entrance fee

7 PM Opening of the exhibition at The Polish Institute:
Bogna Burska (Poland) – untitled
Andreas Eriksson (Sweden) – painting

The following organisations and institutions contributed to the project:
IASPIS (International Artists’ Studio Program in Sweden), The Swedish
National Council for Cultural Affairs, The Swedish Institute and The
Embassy of Sweden in Poland.

A special thanks to the Swedish Art Critic’s Association and Leon
Tarasewicz, artist, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw for
nominating the exhibiting artists.