Jan Svenungsson

Conversation evening Thursday the 4th of October at 18.00 to 20.00 with Jan Svenungsson and John Peter Nilsson, chief editor at NU: The Nordic Art Review.

Place: Statens konstråds galleri (State Art Council Gallery), Wallingatan 20-22. Phone: 08-440 12 80, fax: 08-440 12 81, web: www.statenskonstrad.se

On account of Jan Svenungsson’s exhibition opening.
The gallery is open Tuesday to Friday 13.00-16.00. The Art Council is simultaneously publishing a book on Jan Svenungsson’s project at the university of Linköping ”I morgon kommer något underbart att hända” (Tomorrow something wonderful will happen).

State Art Council in collaboration with Swedish AICA

is an event series where we invite interesting persons to talk about exciting questions in art today.