Gender-pedagogical Achievments

Welcome to attend the release party for Gender-pedagogical Achievments, festschrift to Anna Lena Lindberg

Time: Thursday 10 May, 18:00–20:00
Place: The bookstore Konst-ig, Åsögatan 124, Stockholm
Free wine & snacks will be offered!

The editors of the book, Katarina Wadstein MacLeod, Johanna Rosenqvist, Maria Carlgren and Linda Fagerström will hold a short talk with Anna Lena Lindberg. The discussion will focus on feminist perspectives on contemporary art, gender perspectives on the writing of art history, and the importance of art pedagogy in the future.

The book will be offered at a special price during the evening.

About the book:
Gender-pedagogical Achievements. Subversive and Affirmative Action is a festschrift to Anna Lena Lindberg that summarizes her pioneering work as an art historian.

Authors: Linda Fagerström, Louise Waldén, Barbro Werkmäster, Anne Lidén, Inger Lövkrona, Eva Zetterman, Johanna Rosenqvist, Katarina Wadstein MacLeod, Maria Carlgren, Louise Andersson, Philippa Nanfeldt, Martin Sundberg, Margareta Willner-Rönnholm, Anne Wichstrøm, Tutta Palin,Jorunn Veiteberg and Malene Vest Hansen. Book cover artist: Jenny Grönvall, Peggy’s Shoe and the Sea (2004)

Gender-pedagogical Achievements contains articles by 15 art historians, art pedagogues, curators, historians and ethnologists. Art pedagogy and gender studies are discussed under the headings: Pioneering Achievements, Gender and Academy, The Possibilities of Art Pedagogy, and Woman and Artist. These two areas of art history bear clear traces of the achievements of Anna Lena Lindberg; subversive and revolutionary, affirmative and approving.

Arranged by: the Swedish Art Critics’ Association, Konst-ig and the editors.

The talk will be held in Swedish