Viveka Bosson will lecture on ”Erik Olson – a tour of dream and visions of a seeker”

Tuesday 21 February, 18:00 hrs.

The Auditorium of the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Fredsgatan 12 in Stockholm

The lecture takes place in connection with the large Erik Olson retrospective exhibition at Waldemarsudde, through 26 February.

Erik Olson was born in 1901 and came to Paris early in 1924, where he belonged to the first batch of students of Fernand Léger. He continued to paint in a post-cubist spirit, exhibited with the concretist group Cercle et Carré in the spring of 1930, and then took part in the Art Concret of Otto G. Carlsund in Stockholm in the autumn of 1930. In the early 1930s, Erik Olson switched to surrealism. He became a member of the Halmstad Group in 1929, and stayed in Paris until the summer of 1935. He then moved to Copenhagen, where he exhibited with William Bjerke-Petersen and Wilhelm Freddie in the Danish surrealist group. Shortly after the German occupation, he was blacklisted by Gestapo. He had to leave Denmark in the summer of 1944 and joined in comrades in the Halmstad Group. Erik Olson returned to surrealism in the mid-1960s and remained in Halmstad until his death in 1986.

Viveka Bosson, who holds a degree of Licentiate of Philosophy in art history and is an honorary doctor at Lund University, is Erik Olson’s daughter. She is a member of AICA and was a freelancing art critic in Paris in the 1960s and 1970s. She also contributed to the French collection at the Museum of Sketches in Lund. In 1981, Viveka Bosson founded the Mjellby Art Museum in Halmstad, where she remained director until 2006.

Free admission.

The Swedish Art Critics Association in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts.

The lecture will be held in Swedish.