POSTMODERN: New languages in art: the philosophies of the ’80s

Saturday, 26 February, 15:00

Place: The Auditorium of the Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Philosophy and theory gained great influence on the creation of art and on the interpretations of visual arts in the 1980s. Jean Baudrillard, Judith Butler, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Fredric Jameson, Julia Kristeva, Jacques Lacan and Jean-Francois Lyotard were obvious references in the discourse. In art academies a gradual switch took place from teaching technical skills to concept-based knowledge. Today it is difficult to tell theory from practice.

Conversation: Sara Danius, professor of aesthetics at Södertörn University; Lars O. Ericsson; philosopher and art writer; Gertrud Sandqvist, professor of art theory and history of ideas at the Malmö Art Academy; Cecilia Sjöholm, professor of aesthetics at Södertörn University; Kim West, editor of Site and Oei.

Moderator: Daniel Birnbaum, museum director at the Moderna Museet.

Follow-up gathering: Deconstructed Piano Music. Piano bar with Eva Sidén who, among other things, will perform Om Om, 5 Minimalistic Piano Pieces and Small talks with melodies from the 80s.

More information:

Moderna Museet together with Södertörn University and the Swedish Art Critics Association.

The conversation will be held in Swedish.