Craftet Form Texts

Potential shipwreck or protective breakwater?
The expanding design field’s need of the written word

Venue: Nationalmuseum Stockholm (Auditorium)
Date: Friday 23 November at 1 pm.
Languages: English and Swedish

Introductory lectures will be given by:

Anders Emilson, Critic, author and lecturer in design theory, Malmö University
Catharina Gabrielsson, Architect and theorist, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Johanna Rosenqvist, Art historian, Lund University
Irina Sandomirskaja, Professor of cultural studies, Södertörn University College
Marjan Unger, Art historian, design critic, head of the Applied Arts Department of Sandberg Institute 1995–2006, Amsterdam

Constructive Craft & Dialogue

In collaboration with Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
and the Swedish Association of Art Critics

Supported by Framtidens kultur
and the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation