Identity and Diversity

CONGRESS AICA, Warsaw, Lódz, Cracow.
MAY 30 – JUNE 6, 1999

The main themes are connected with difficulties arising when it comes to the recognition of cultural phenomena in their geo-cultural ”identity” on one hand and the internationalisation of the language of art on the other. The Polish section of AICA propose to study the general problem in three subgroups:

I. Europes.
It is a place where the problems of the multitude of notions covered by one name can be discussed – what in fact constitutes the notional plurality of the Old Continent. We will welcome papers on ”Europeanism” of art (or its roots) as well as those taking up the question of smaller areas co-creating this ”Europeanism”, and also the possibility of defining the notion of Europeanism in the light of the globalisation of art and culture at the end of the 20th century. II. Migrations.
The theme is concerned with the increased mobility of both artists and ideas with simultaneous axiological pluralism, i.e. equality in multitude. It is an interesting field for consideration of both strategy and accepted values and for the seeking of values in axiological chaos.

III. Fanatism – Aggression – Taboo.
The process of globalisation of values and of homogenisation of culture as well as declarations of tolerance of all ”minorities” brings forth its opposite in the form of extreme religious or nationalist movements. The question how taboo creates itself at the end of the 20th century, what it concerns, what it sources and consequences are is relevant to vast areas of social life in many countries. It is interesting how art indicates the existence of these phenomena, how it tames, subordinates and even absorbs them.

The text is written by the congress organizers.